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Reparations Sanctions in Effect 1984 - Present

Search Reparations Sanctions in Effect by Respondent Name, Respondent aka, CFTC Docket No., or NFA Id. For assistance with this search tool or for questions about specific Sanctions or Respondents, please contact the CFTC Office of Proceedings by email or by telephone at 202-418-5508.

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The results for the query dated : 6/22/2024 6:38:49 AM are:

Respondent NameRespondent akaCFTC Docket No.NFA IdAddressEffective DateJudgment AmountInterestFiling FeeJoint and SeveralExplanation
20/20 TRADING COMPANY 09-R0560297142Laguna Niguel, CA07/29/2010$4,844.000.38% from 05/25/10$50.00Yes 
ACE AMERICAN, INC. R80-1088-81-1320000364San Francisco, CA $8,340.0016.0% from 12/28/79$25.00No 
Ace American, Inc. 82-R1740000364San Francisco, CA $14,176.0016.0% from 02/09/81$25.00No 
Ace American, Inc. 83-R3100000364San Francisco, CA $12,500.0011.0% from 07/22/82$25.00Yes 
Ace American, Inc. 83-R3440000364San Francisco, CA $6,332.126.56% from 02/16/83$25.00Yes 
Ace American, Inc. 83-R6530000364San Francisco, CA $20,500.0011.0% from 05/26/83$25.00Yes 
Ace American, Inc. 83-R7010000364San Francisco, CA $16,571.2411.0% from 11/11/82$25.00No 
Ace American, Inc. R80-1165-81-890000364San Francisco, CA $2,765.008.57% from 05/19/80$25.00No 
Ace American, Inc. R81-991-82-1900000364San Francisco, CA $4,700.0010.08% from 06/17/81$25.00Yes 
Ace American, Inc. R82-94-82-4150000364San Francisco, CA $15,000.0011.0% from 01/21/80$25.00No 
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