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Trading Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
SWAPXUpdates to the SwapEx SEF Rulebook to align with relevant regulation.02/19/202010 Day Review02/19/2020 2
CFEThe rule amendment clarifies and amends CFE's rule provisions relating to Exchange jurisdiction.02/14/202010 Day Review02/14/2020 1
MGEWeekly Notification for the Week of February 3, 202002/14/2020Notified02/14/2020 1
NEXSEFUpdates to rulebook that specify Pre-Arranged Crosses may only be intermediated by bulk risk mitigation services. Update to table of contents.02/13/202010 Day Review02/13/2020 3
CFEThe amendment amends the Lead Market Maker Program for Cboe iBoxx iShares $ High Yield Corporate Bond Index futures.02/13/202010 Day Review02/13/2020 2
CFEThe amendment amends the Lead Market Maker Program for Cboe iBoxx iShares $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index futures.02/13/2020Notified02/13/2020 2
NADEXNadex amends the number of Board Directors; removes references to Chief Operating Officer; removes reference to NFA in its arbitration rule02/13/202010 Day Review02/13/2020 1
TPSEFtpSEF Inc. is amending its Rulebook as provided in Exhibit A.02/13/202010 Day Review02/13/2020 1
CMEModifications to the Bitcoin Futures Market Maker Program02/12/202010 Day Review02/12/2020 2
CMEExtension of the Bitcoin Options Fee Discount Program02/11/202010 Day Review02/11/2020 1
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