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InitiatorAction TypeDescriptionStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
Agora-X, LLCPetition for RulemakingPetition to amend Reg 35 to clear OTC ag swapsWithdrawn07/02/2010 1
American Petroleum Institute4a(a)(7) PetitionExemptive relief - bona fide hedging transactionsPending03/13/2012 1
American Public Power Association et al.Petition for RulemakingPetition to amend CFTC Rule 1.3(ggg)(4)Pending07/12/2012 14
CAISO4(c) ActionRequest for Supplemental 4(c) OrderWithdrawn03/20/2014 2
Cantor Clearinghouse, L.P.Request for Amended OrderCantor Petition for Amended DCO OrderAction Taken02/11/2013 1
Cargill, Inc.No-ActionRelief from Certain ATOM RequirementsAction Taken01/11/2006 0
CFTCInterpretationPart 190- Bankruptcy-Account ClassAction Taken10/21/2004 1
CFTC4(c) ActionFinal rulemaking amending Part 34 RegulationsAction Taken01/22/1993Amendments to Part 34 Regulations expanding the exemption applied to certain hybrid instruments that combine charateristics of futures/options with debt, equity, or depository interests, pursuant to CEA Section 4(c) authority. 58 FR 5580 (Jan 22, 1993).0
CFTC4(c) ActionProposed Part 35 RegulationsAction Taken01/22/1993 0
CFTC4(c) ActionProposal to exempt certain credit default optionsAction Taken06/04/2007The Commission has issued an order that exempts the trading and clearing of these products from any provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act that would be transgressed by trading and clearing them through, respectively, a securities exchange and clearinghouse.5
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