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Clearing Organization Rules

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The results for the query dated : 10/27/2021 3:34:23 AM are:

OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
CMEWeekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of October 18, 202110/25/2021Notified10/25/2021 1
LEDGERXUpdated Operations Manual10/23/202110 Day Review10/23/2021 3
LEDGERXCompliance Manual Version Control10/22/2021Notified10/22/2021 3
LCHLTDLCH will make one correction to its ForexClear Fee Schedule. Additionally, LCH will correct an error in its Rules related to the maximum settlement date for a ForexClear non-deliverable option contract.10/21/202110 Day Review10/21/2021 3
ICLREU2ICE Clear Europe proposes to add a new Part 24 to the ICE Clear Europe Clearing Rules which would set out certain procedures relating to LIBOR transition for affected interest rate futures and option contracts cleared by the Clearing House10/20/202110 Day Review10/20/2021 2
CMEWeekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of October 11, 202110/18/2021Notified10/18/2021 1
ICLREU2ICE Clear Europe Limited proposes to amend Part GG of its Delivery Procedures to update certain documentation timing and other requirements relating the delivery under ICE Futures Abu Dhabi Murban Crude Oil Futures Contracts10/15/202110 Day Review10/15/2021 2
ICE NGXSelf-certification to amendments to RMF10/14/202110 Day Review10/14/2021 2
NADEXNadex plans to launch a promotion, whereby applicants will be able to make an initial deposit of less than the standard $250 minimum deposit as required by Rule 3.1(b) to become a Trading Member.10/14/202110 Day Review10/14/2021 1
EUREXProposed rule amendments in Eurex Cleraing Circular 090-21 related to the introduction of the Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDF) Clearing Service10/12/2021Certified10/26/2021 4
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