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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
CMEWeekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of July 19, 202107/27/2021Notified07/27/2021 1
ICLR USRule Amendments.07/26/202110 Day Review07/26/2021 1
ICECCICC proposes amendments to the ICC Exercise Procedures.07/26/202110 Day Review07/26/2021 2
EUREXPropose amendments to the Clearing Conditions, FCM Regulations, EMIR Risk Committee Statutes, and other documents of the legal framework in Eurex Clearing Circular 065-2107/21/202110 Day Review07/21/2021 6
LCHLTDNotification pursuant to CFTC regulation 40.6(d) of changes to the LCH Limited London Deposit Rate and RepoClear Deposit Rate effective from 22 July07/20/2021Notified07/20/2021 1
ICE NGXChange in subscription fees.07/19/202110 Day Review07/19/2021 1
CMEWeekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of July 12, 202107/19/2021Notified07/19/2021 1
ICECCICC proposes changes to the Governance Playbook, Risk Management Framework, and Treasury Operations Policies and Procedures.07/14/2021Certified07/28/2021 2
CMEAdoption of New CME, CBOT, NYMEX/COMEX Rule 258. ("Exchange Personal Trading Policy")07/14/2021Certified07/28/2021 1
EUREXProposed amendments to the Clearing Conditions and Price List in Eurex Clearing Circular 061-21 relating to the launch of Mini-Futures and -Options on the MDAXr index at Eurex Deutschland.07/12/2021Certified07/26/2021 2
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