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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
ICE NGXRisk Management Framework ("RMF") and Contracting Party Agreement ("CPA") amendments re Same-day Guarantee Fund01/31/202310 Day Review01/31/2023 2
ICLREU2ICE Clear Europe Limited modified Part H of its Delivery Procedures to correct an inconsistency in the delivery timetable for routine deliveries of Daily ICE Endex German THE Natural Gas Futures Contracts.01/27/2023Notified01/27/2023 2
NODALCLTransaction Fee Schedule Update01/26/202310 Day Review01/26/2023 2
CMEWeekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of January 16, 202301/24/2023Notified01/24/2023 1
EUREXWeekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of January 16, 202301/20/2023Notified01/20/2023 1
LCHLTDLCH Limited Self-Certification: Rates Reform - USD LIBOR fallback and conversion fees01/20/202310 Day Review01/20/2023 3
ICECCNotification of changes to risk parameters established by ICC in consultation with the ICC Risk Committee, Trading Advisory Group and/or Risk Working Group.01/20/2023Notified01/20/2023 2
OCCRule Certification Concerning OCC's Collateral Haircuts and Standards for Clearing Banks and Letters of Credit01/19/202310 Day Review01/19/2023 3
CMESee filing.01/19/202310 Day Review01/19/2023 2
NADEXNadex will adjust the position limits for its Bitcoin and Ether Cryptocurrency Touch Bracket Variable Payout Contracts from 100 to 10 lots for Direct Trading Members and from 100,000 to 10,000 (on a per strike basis) for market makers.01/17/2023Certified01/31/2023 1
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