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DCO Swaps Submissions

Please see Clearing Requirement rulemaking file for any Notices of Proposed Rulemaking or Final Rules listed in the table below. Please see Public Comment File IF 16-003 to submit comments on a submission listed below designated as "Public Comment Requested."

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OrganizationProduct NameStatusDateSubcategoryRemarksAssociated Documents
CMECME 2-22-12 IRS SubmissionFinal Rule11/28/2012IRSFinal Rule applies to IRS only.2
CMECME 2-22-12 CDS SubmissionFinal Rule11/28/2012CDSFinal Rule applies to CDS only .2
CMECME 3-29-12 AUD, CHF, JPY IRS SubmissionFinal Rule09/28/2016IRS 1
CMECME 8-1-12 Commodity Index SubmissionPublic Comment Requested08/01/2012Commodity Index 1
CMECME 8-30-12 IRS SubmissionFinal Rule09/28/2016IRS.1
CMECME 10-10-12 CDS SubmissionPublic Comment Requested10/10/2012CDS 1
CMECME 11-23-12 IRS SubmissionFinal Rule09/28/2016IRS 1
CMECME 4-24-13 NDF SubmissionPublic Comment Requested04/24/2013FX 1
CMECME 4-26-13 IRS SubmissionFinal Rule09/28/2016IRS.1
CMECME 5-31-13 Palm Oil SubmissionPublic Comment Requested05/31/2013Agricultural 1
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