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Trading Organization Rules

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The results for the query dated : 12/22/2014 4:15:45 PM are:

OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
NQFRegulatory Fee12/22/201410 Day Review12/22/2014 1
TERAEXCTeraExchange response to Staff's supplemental 43 and 45 reporting questions.12/19/201410 Day Review12/19/2014 1
CMEAmended and Restated By-Laws of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.12/18/201410 Day Review12/18/2014 2
CBOTWeekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of December 8, 201412/18/2014Notified12/18/2014 1
MGECertification of amendments to Regulation 2007.00. and new Regulation 2007.01.12/17/201410 Day Review12/17/2014 1
CMECFTC Regulation 40.6(a)(6)Emergency Rule Certification: Notification of Emergency Action - Daily Price Limits in CME Feeder Cattle and Live Cattle Futures12/17/201410 Day Review12/17/2014 1
NYMEXModifications to the Natural Gas Financial Products Market Maker Program12/16/201410 Day Review12/16/2014 2
ICE USEffective January 1, 2015 the Exchange is implementing the Russell Futures and Options/ETF Volume Incentive Program replacing the Russell Volume Incentive Program.12/16/201410 Day Review12/16/2014 1
NYMEXExtension of the NYMEX Natural Gas Basis Fee Waiver Program12/16/201410 Day Review12/16/2014 1
NYMEXModifications to the NYMEX Natural Gas Basis ClearPort Fee Discount Program12/16/201410 Day Review12/16/2014 1
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