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Trading Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
CMEAmendments to CME Rule 588.H. ("Globex Non-Reviewable Trading Ranges") and CME Rule 589. ("Special Price Fluctuation Limits") for Four (4) Onshore and Offshore Chinese Renminbi Futures Contracts09/03/201510 Day Review09/03/2015 3
ICE USWeekly Notification of Rule Changes correcting typographical errors in Rules 4.02 and 18.E.004.09/01/2015Notified09/01/2015 1
ICE USThe Exchange is amending the closing time for U.S. Natural Gas, Power and Environmental futures and options contracts from 6:05 p.m. NY time to 6:00 p.m. NY time.09/01/201510 Day Review09/01/2015 1
BGCThe attached amendments are made in response to suggestions and guidance from staff.08/31/201510 Day Review08/31/2015 1
NADEXNadex added additional strike levels on a discretionary basis in various Daily, Weekly, 2-Hour Intraday, and 20-Min Intraday US Indices Binaries, and 5-Min Currency Binaries, and amended strike width in various US Indices for the week of Aug. 24.08/31/2015Notified08/31/2015 1
TPSEFCFTC Regulation 40.6(a) rule certification in connection with certain amendments to tpSEF's Rulebook being made in connection a request by the CFTC's Division of Market Oversight dated August 11, 2015.08/27/201510 Day Review08/27/2015 1
NYMEXAmendments to NYMEX/COMEX Chapter 7 ("Delivery Facilities and Procedures")08/26/201510 Day Review08/26/2015 1
COMEXAmendments to NYMEX/COMEX Chapter 7 ("Delivery Facilities and Procedures")08/26/201510 Day Review08/26/2015 1
COMEXModifications to the Copper Options Broker Rebate Program08/25/201510 Day Review08/25/2015 2
ICE USEMERGENCY ACTION - Temporary Market Interruption - Russell Complex Futures and Options08/24/201510 Day Review08/24/2015 1
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