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OrganizationFiling DescriptionProducts AffectedOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
NYLIFFEDecreases the minimum price increment for all contract months for Eurodollar and GCF Repo futuresEurodollar and GCF Repo futures04/15/201410 Day Review04/15/2014 1
CMEDelist 1- and 3-Month Euro/U.S. Dollar VolContractsEuro/U.S. Dollar VolContracts04/14/2014Certified04/14/2014 1
NYMEXDelist of 6 PJM power zonal contracts6 PJM power zonal contracts04/14/201410 Day Review04/14/2014 1
OCXDelisting of 10 SFPsSFPs04/08/201410 Day Review04/08/2014 1
NYMEXIncrease in the min tick for trades executed on CME Globex and the NYMEX trading floorEuropean Gasoil (100mt) Bullet Futures (7F/GLI)03/28/2014Certified04/11/2014 1
ICE USChange of contract sizes for power suiteSuite of Power Contracts03/28/2014Certified04/11/2014 1
CMETrading unit for options will be a combined long and short call or long and short put.Hurricane Index03/28/2014Certified04/12/2014 3
NODALThe amendment identifies when spot month position limits become effective.Nodal products03/27/2014Certified04/10/2014 1
CMEReduce the minimum increment of the final settlement price for three FX cross ratesEUR/GBP, EUR/CHF and GBP/CHF cross rates03/27/2014Certified03/27/2014 1
NYMEXNotification of Addition to the List of Regular Delivery Facilities for the ULSD Futures Contract.ULSD03/26/2014Certified03/26/2014 1
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