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OrganizationFiling DescriptionProducts AffectedOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
JAVSEFNotice, pursuant to 40.6(a), of delisting of interest rate swap products with no open interest.1. Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Euro Dollar, British Pound, and Japanese Yen. 2. All tenors IRS US Dollar (CME & LCH cleared) except for tenors in 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years. 3. Package, basis, IMM, MAC & spreads for all IRS.12/09/2016Certified12/09/2016 1
NADEXNadex added strike levels on a discretionary basis due to volatility in the underlying markets. Nadex refrained from listing one strike level in the USD/CHF 1pm expiration binary contract.Daily Us Tech 100, Wall Street 30, US SmallCap 2000, Silver Binary contracts; Intraday 2-Hr USD/CHF Binary contract12/09/2016Notified12/09/2016 1
NADEXNadex amends the listing hours for certain contracts for the week of December 26, 2016 to accommodate the Christmas 2016 holiday.All12/09/201610 Day Review12/09/2016 1
OCXAmending Position Limits for Certain Security Futures Products Pursuant to Commission Regulation 41.25(a)(3)ABEV, C, CSCO, EWJ, EWZ, FB, FXI, JNUG, JPM, SWN, XLE, XLU12/08/201610 Day Review12/08/2016 1
NYMEXWeekly Notification of Amendments Related to Product Terms and Conditions (Week of November 28, 2016)See filing.12/07/2016Notified12/07/2016 2
CMEWeekly Notification of Amendments Related to Product Terms and Conditions (Week of November 28, 2016)See filing.12/07/2016Notified12/07/2016 3
CMENotification Regarding the Delisting of Certain Previously-Listed Contract Months of the Brazilian Real/US Dollar (BRL/USD) Futures Contract.See filing.12/05/2016Certified12/05/2016 1
CMEAdministrative Amendments to the S&P 500 Total Return Index Futures and S&P 500 Carry Adjusted Total Return Index Futures ContractsSee filing.12/05/201610 Day Review12/05/2016 1
NADEXNadex added discretionary strike levels in its US Tech 100 during the week of November 28, 2016.Daily US Tech 100 Binary contracts12/05/2016Notified12/05/2016 1
NADEXNadex amends certain contract listing hours during the week of December 19, 2016 due to the Christmas Eve holiday, to correspond to the underlying market's listing hours.Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, Copper, Soybeans, Corn, Germany 30 and FTSE 100 Binary and Spread contracts12/02/201610 Day Review12/02/2016 1
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