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OrganizationFiling DescriptionProducts AffectedOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
CMEAmendments to Electronic and Open Outcry Trading Hours for CME Livestock Futures and Options ContractsLive Cattle Futures, Live Cattle TAS Futures, Live Cattle Options, Live Cattle Calendar Spread Options, Feeder Cattle Futures, Feeder Cattle TAS Futures, Feeder Cattle Options, Lean Hog Futures, Lean Hog TAS Futures, Lean Hog Options02/10/201610 Day Review02/10/2016 1
CMEWeekly Notification of Amendments Related to Product Terms and Conditions (Week of February 1, 2016)Spot Call Butter02/10/2016Notified02/10/2016 1
NADEXEMERGENCY ACTION: Nadex halted trading in its Weekly and Daily Bitcoin contracts on Feb. 9, 2016 due to unavailability of the underlying Tera Bitcoin Price Index which the Nadex contract is based on. Action taken also affects Nadex as DCO.Weekly and Daily Bitcoin Binary contracts02/09/201610 Day Review02/09/2016 2
CBOTDelisting of Previously-Listed Contract Months for the Soybean Meal Futures ContractSoybean Meal Futures02/08/2016Certified02/08/2016 1
NFXNotification of initial listing months for seven new oil and refined products futures.NFXBrent1stLineFinancialFutures NFXBrent1stLineMiniFinancialFutures NFXWTI1stLineFinancialFutures NFXWTI1stLineMini FinancialFutures NFXLowSulphurGasoil1stLineFinancialFutures NFXHeatingOil1stLineFinancialFutures NFXRBOBGasoline1stLineFinancialFutures02/08/2016Notified02/08/2016 1
COMEXWeekly Notification of Amendments Related to Product Terms and Conditions (Week of January 25, 2016)See Filing02/05/2016Notified02/05/2016 2
NODALWeekly Notice of non-substantive revisions to 12 Nodal Exchange contracts that extend the number of available monthly contract periods from 14 months to 49 monthsMonthly Day Ahead On and Off-Peak Power Contracts for each location: ISONE UN.NEW_ENER18.0NEWE, PJM LAKEWOOD18 KVOCEAN C1, PJM LAKEWOOD18 KVOCEAN C2, PJM LAKEWOOD230 KVNUG LK, PJM ROCKSPRI18 KVCT3, PJM ROCKSPRI18 KVCT402/05/2016Notified02/05/2016 3
NADEXNadex added additional strikes on a discretionary basis in its Daily Bitcoin, and US Indices Binary contracts during the week of February 1, 2016. Nadex also narrowed the strike width in its Daily Bitcoin Binaries on February 5.Daily Bitcoin Binary contracts; Daily US Tech 100, US 500, US SmallCap 2000, Wall Street 30 Binary contracts02/05/2016Notified02/05/2016 1
ICE USThe Exchange is re-certifying three Power Futures Contracts-ERCOT North Load Zone Real-Time Peak Fixed Price Future ("EDN"),ERCOT West Load Zone Real-Time Peak Fixed Price Future ("EDW") and CAISO NP-15 Real-Time Off-Peak Daily Fixed Price Future ("NRO").Power Future Contracts02/04/201610 Day Review02/04/2016 1
ICE USThe Exchange is re-certifying an Environmental Futures Contract - California Carbon Allowance Future-Vintage 2014 ("CAM").Environmental Futures Contract02/04/201610 Day Review02/04/2016 1
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