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OrganizationFiling DescriptionProducts AffectedOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
NYMEXNotification of Amendments to the European Gasoil (100mt) Bullet Futures ContractEuropean Gasoil (100mt) Bullet Futures09/04/201410 Day Review09/04/2014 1
NYMEXNYMEX 14-257(CFTC Submission No. 1408-9815-0322-68) was originally submitted as a Rule Amendment. At the direction of CFTC staff, NYMEX has withdrawn the original submission and resubmitted it here as a revised submission (NYMEX Submission No. 14-257R).Revisions to NYMEX Submission No. 14-257: Revisions to the NYMEX Position Limit, Position Accountability and Reportable Level Table Located in Chapter 5 of the NYMEX Rulebook. Comprised of Corrections & Administrative Changes.08/12/2014Certified08/26/2014 2
NYMEXIssuance of NYMEX/COMEX Market Regulation Advisory Notice RA1405-4 Concerning Block Trades.Brent Crude Oil Weekly08/01/2014Certified08/15/2014 2
COMEXIssuance of NYMEX/COMEX Market Regulation Advisory Notice RA1405-4 Concerning Block Trades.Brent Crude Oil Weekly Option08/01/2014Certified08/15/2014 2
CMERevisions to Live Cattle rules to expand daily price limits in the expiring month contract during the final two (2) trading days.Live Cattle07/17/2014Approval Pending (45)07/17/2014 2
COMEXWeekly Notification of Rule Amendments (Week of June 30, 2014), two new silver brands good for delivery.Silver Futures07/09/2014Notified07/09/2014 0
OCXDelist SFPsSFPs07/08/2014Certified07/08/2014 1
NYMEXWeekly Notification (June 22-28) Henry Hub Globex and Low Sulphur Gasoil Crack Spread Financial Futures Position Limit Table typosHenry Hub Natural Gas Last Day and Low Sulphur Gas07/03/2014Certified07/19/2014 1
OCXDelisting of 50 SFPsSFPs06/30/2014Certified06/30/2014 1
NYLIFFEDelisting precious metals, MSCI INdex and NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index futures and options contractsPrecious metals, MSCI and NYSE Arca Gold Miners06/30/2014Certified06/30/2014 1
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