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Pending Filings and Actions

This list may include: DCM and DCO applications; requests for approval of products and rules; requests for CFTC actions; and requests for exemptions from CFTC Part 30. It does not include rule or product filings submitted under self-certification procedures unless comments have been requested for a specific certified submission.

Submitting Comments: Deadlines for submitting comments are included with the submission, where applicable. Comments can be filed electronically or with the Office of the Secretariat, CFTC, 1155 21st Street NW, Washington, DC 20581. All comments are posted to the CFTC website.

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Filing TypeOrganization InitiatorOfficial Receipt DateDescriptionComments Due ByRemarksAssociated Documents
Rule - Clearing OrganizationOptions Clearing Corporation03/02/2015The proposed rule change concerns certain new risk models designed to risk manage energy futures contracts and options on energy futures contracts.  1
Rule - Clearing OrganizationLCH.Clearnet Ltd.02/27/2015Submission of rule change to modify the ForexClear section of the FCM Procedures to require a FCM member that is a registered investment company, to include provisions in its agreement with a FCM client for FCM client assets to be held at the CCP.  1
Rule - Trading FacilityNew York Mercantile Exchange, Inc.02/27/2015Implementation of the Iron Ore Futures and Options Fee Waiver Program  2
Rule - Product Terms and ConditionsNorth American Derivatives Exchange, Inc.02/27/2015Narrows the strike width for the Daily and Intraday Copper and Natural Gas Binary contracts; Adds strike levels in the Intraday Copper and Natural Gas Binary contracts. This filing also affects Nadex as a DCO which will clear the new strikes. Products Affected: Copper Binary Contracts; Natural Gas Binary Contracts  1
Rule - Clearing OrganizationNorth American Derivatives Exchange, Inc.02/27/2015Amending definition of Financial Institution for acceptable deposits, broadening means of deposit in Agreement, clarifying procedure for non-US resident members to make withdrawals.  1
Rule - Clearing OrganizationLCH.Clearnet Ltd.02/26/2015Correction of an error in the provisions governing the way in which variation margin is characterised. The current drafting erroneously treats variation margin as collateral, this rule change corrects the treatment to be that of a settlement payment.  1
Rule - Product Terms and ConditionsChicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc.02/26/2015Amendments to CME Rule 588.H (Globex Non-Reviewable Trading Ranges) for the E-mini CNX Nifty Index Futures and E-micro CNX Nifty Index Futures Contract Products Affected: E-mini CNX Nifty Index Futures and E-micro CNX Index Futures  1
Rule - Product Terms and ConditionsChicago Board of Trade (Board of Trade of the City of Chicago, Inc.)02/26/2015Amendments to CBOT Rule 588.H (Globex Non-Reviewable Ranges) for the 2-Year US Dollar Interest Rate Swap Futures and 2-Year Euro Interest Rate Swap Futures Contract Products Affected: 2-Year U.S. Dollar Interest Rate Swap Futures and 2-Year Euro Interest Rate Swap  1
Rule - Trading FacilityCBOE Futures Exchange, LLC02/25/2015Permit CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) futures and CBOE/CBOT 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note Volatility Index (VXTYN) futures to trade during a portion of the Good Friday holiday on Friday, April 3, 2015.  1
Rule - Trading FacilityCBOE Futures Exchange, LLC02/25/2015Rule Certification that extends the time to report ECRP transactions from ten minutes to thirty minutes and clarifies certain language in the ECRP and Block Trade rules.  1
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