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Pending Filings and Actions

This list may include: DCM and DCO applications; requests for approval of products and rules; requests for CFTC actions; and requests for exemptions from CFTC Part 30. It does not include rule or product filings submitted under self-certification procedures unless comments have been requested for a specific certified submission.

Submitting Comments: Deadlines for submitting comments are included with the submission, where applicable. Comments can be filed electronically or with the Office of the Secretariat, CFTC, 1155 21st Street NW, Washington, DC 20581. All comments are posted to the CFTC website.

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The results for the query dated : 4/20/2014 3:17:21 PM are:

Filing TypeOrganization InitiatorOfficial Receipt DateDescriptionComments Due ByRemarksAssociated Documents
Rule - Trading FacilityICE Futures U.S., Inc.04/18/2014Amending the terms to Henry Hub Futures Blocks Liquidity Provider Program. ICE US #14-32  1
Rule - Trading FacilityNew York Mercantile Exchange, Inc.04/17/2014Implementing the LN & OS Options Market Maker Program. NYMEX #14-133  2
Rule - Trading FacilityNodal Exchange, LLC04/17/2014Amendment to Rule 4.8 - (Position Transfers) of the Nodal Exchange Rulebook NODAL #14-002  1
Rule - Trading FacilityNew York Mercantile Exchange, Inc.04/16/2014Modifications to Energy Options RFQ Incentive Program. NYMEX #14-131  2
Rule - Trading FacilityTeraExchange, LLC04/16/2014TeraExchange, LLC - Rule Amendments - Amended Rulebook TERAEXC #2014-21  1
Rule - Trading FacilityTradition SEF, Inc.04/15/2014Tradition SEF, Inc. - Notification of Amendments to Tradition SEF, Inc. Rulebook TRAD #14-0002  0
Rule - Product Terms and ConditionsNYSE Liffe US, LLC04/15/2014Decreases the minimum price increment for all contract months for Eurodollar and GCF Repo futures Products Affected: Eurodollar and GCF Repo futures  1
Rule - Clearing OrganizationLCH.Clearnet SA04/15/2014LCH.Clearnet SA has modified its fee schedule for CDSClear in line with recent service developments (introduction of clearing fees for Client Clearing activities and introduction of clearing fees for self clearing activities on CDS single names).  1
Rule - Clearing OrganizationICE Clear US, Inc.04/15/2014Amendment to procedures regarding valuation of maturing US Treasury securities.  1
Rule - Trading FacilityICE Swap Trade LLC04/14/2014ICE Swap Trade, LLC - Rule Amendment - Revised Error Trade Policy - Submission 14-12  0
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