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Pending Filings and Actions

This list may include: DCM and DCO applications; requests for approval of products and rules; requests for CFTC actions; and requests for exemptions from CFTC Part 30. It does not include rule or product filings submitted under self-certification procedures unless comments have been requested for a specific certified submission.

Submitting Comments: Deadlines for submitting comments are included with the submission, where applicable. Comments can be filed electronically or with the Office of the Secretariat, CFTC, 1155 21st Street NW, Washington, DC 20581. All comments are posted to the CFTC website.

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Filing TypeOrganization InitiatorOfficial Receipt DateDescriptionComments Due ByRemarksAssociated Documents
Rule - Trading FacilityBloomberg SEF LLC05/22/2015Bloomberg SEF LLC hereby notifies the CFTC that it wishes to amend the May 13 Rulebook Certification to respond to certain comments received from CFTC staff. We understand that the amended Rulebook will become effective on May 28, 2015.  1
Rule - Trading FacilityMinneapolis Grain Exchange, Inc.05/22/2015Rule Certification Submission Pursuant to CFTC Regulation 40.6(a) for certain amendments to MGEX Rules and Regulations.  1
Rule - Trading Facility360 Trading Networks, Inc.05/21/2015rule changes and additions  3
Rule - Trading FacilityJavelin SEF, LLC05/21/2015Rules amendments to provide (a)for use of Javelin systems to communicate bids and offers to Javelin to insure compliance with Reg 37.9(b) and (b) state in rulebook that bid and offers in voice order book will be disclosed to all market participants.  1
Rule - Trading FacilityEris Exchange, LLC05/21/2015Change to Eris PAI Calculation Time  1
Rule - Trading FacilityICE Futures U.S., Inc.05/20/2015Amendments to Rule 6.50 and new policy codify IFUS right to use and distribute non-regulatory trade data and provide for market participant consent to Exchange use of regulatory data for business or marketing purposes or to opt out of such consent.  1
Rule - Clearing OrganizationLCH.Clearnet SA05/18/2015Amendments to CDS Clearing Rules related to extension of the CDS clearing service to Markit iTraxx Europe Senior Financials Index (Implementation date 2 June 201 and the information provided to clearing members subject to a cross trade on a firm day.  1
Rule - Trading FacilityNASDAQ Futures, Inc.05/18/2015Authorized Trader Reference Guide  1
Rule - Trading FacilityICE Swap Trade LLC05/18/2015ICE Swap Trade, LLC ("IST") is amending its Rulebook in order to (i) clarify the process by which IST intends to implement and enforce certain of its rules, and (ii) respond to relevant CFTC guidance/comments.  2
Rule - Trading FacilityICE Futures U.S., Inc.05/15/2015The Ex. is amending the Russell Mbr Firm Fee Prgm. The amdts will change the Pgm discount rates and add language stating that participants will be entitled to pay the standard rate for Ex. and Clearing fees if they are lower than the applicable Pgm rates.  1
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