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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
LCHLTDSubmission of rule change to modify the ForexClear section of the FCM Procedures to require a FCM member that is a registered investment company, to include provisions in its agreement with a FCM client for FCM client assets to be held at the CCP.02/27/201510 Day Review02/27/2015 1
OCCThis proposed rule change concerns the account from which certain clearing members may fund the Additional Margin requirement associated with overnight trading sessions.02/27/2015Notified02/27/2015 1
LCHLTDCorrection of an error in the provisions governing the way in which variation margin is characterised. The current drafting erroneously treats variation margin as collateral, this rule change corrects the treatment to be that of a settlement payment.02/26/201510 Day Review02/26/2015 1
NADEXNadex reduces the required notice period to Members prior to imposing dues or increasing fees from 30 days, to a period of at least as long as the Commission's required filing period for self-certifications according to Reg. 40.6(a). Also affects as DCM.02/20/201510 Day Review02/20/2015 1
LCHLTDLCH.Clearnet propose to offer, at the request of its Clearing Members, ad-hoc compression cycles. These will allow a member to perform compression at a time to suit it, rather than in the regularly scheduled and advertised LCH.Clearnet compression runs.02/19/201510 Day Review02/19/2015 1
CMENotification Regarding the Establishment of the Base OTC Default Management Committee and Associated New Rule and Rule Amendments02/18/201510 Day Review02/18/2015 2
LCHLTDLCH.Clearnet is submitting for self-certification changes to its rules with respect to the provision of a client buffer sub-account in the SwapClear service for clients of SCMs. This functionality is not available to FCMs or to US customers.02/17/201510 Day Review02/17/2015 1
LCHLTDLCH.Clearnet Limited is submitting for self-certification a correction to its rules with respect to the transfer of cleared contracts by SwapClear Clearing Members and Futures Commission Merchants.02/16/201510 Day Review02/16/2015 1
LCHSABulletin to CDSClear Clearing Members which describes certain changes to its Client Deposit Rate ("CDR").02/13/201510 Day Review02/13/2015 1
CMEImplementation of the OTC Credit Default Swap Dealer Founding Member Incentive Program02/12/2015Certified02/27/2015 2
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