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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
LCHLTDLCH is proposing to change its rules to recognise unallocated excess collateral as FCM's buffer and to recognise margin posted by the FCM as FCM's buffer, subject to certain conditions.10/19/201610 Day Review10/19/2016 1
OCCThis proposed rule change addresses implementation of Section 871(m) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.10/19/201610 Day Review10/19/2016 1
EUREXProposed rule changes in Eurex Clearing Circular 126-16 relating to introduction of an option on VSTOXX futures10/18/201610 Day Review10/18/2016 2
EUREXProposed rule changes in Eurex Clearing Circular 124-16 relating to Eurex Clearing Prisma Release 5.010/17/201610 Day Review10/17/2016 2
EUREXProposed rule changes in Eurex Clearing Circular 125-16 relating to new currencies for Eurex Repo, allowing give-ups to m-accounts, clarifying the Price List, clarifying settlement finality, conversion of flex contracts, TES migration, and waiving a fee10/17/201610 Day Review10/17/2016 2
LCHLTDChanges to LCH Rulebook to provide for later cutoff times for Clearing Members to post GBP cash or non-cash collateral to the Clearing House.10/13/201610 Day Review10/13/2016 1
SGX-DCThe Amendments are to update the contract name and reflect editorial changes to the Final Settlement Price ("FSP") provision of the LNG Swaps contract in Appendix 1 of the SGX-DC Clearing Rules, which pertains to the FSP of Non-Relevant Market Contracts.10/12/201610 Day Review10/12/2016 1
EUREXProposed rule changes in Eurex Clearing Circular 122-16 related to the introduction of a new product, Eurex Daily Futures on Mini-KOSPI200-Futures10/12/201610 Day Review10/12/2016 2
ICECCICC proposes amendments to its Clearing Rules (and the adoption of related procedures) involving clearing house default management, recovery and wind-down.10/06/201660 Day Review10/06/2016 3
ICECCICC proposes to formalize a Liquidity Risk Management Framework that describes ICC's liquidity monitoring program, liquidity resources, and the methodology for testing the sufficiency of these liquidity resources.10/06/201660 Day Review10/06/2016 2
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