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Clearing Organization Rules

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The results for the query dated : 10/5/2015 5:32:56 PM are:

OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
OCCThis proposed rule change concerns the requirement for clearing members to participate in operational testing.10/02/201510 Day Review10/02/2015 1
SGX-DCNotification of Rule Amendments09/29/201510 Day Review09/29/2015 1
ICECCICC proposes revising the ICC Rules to correct inconsistent provisions regarding the Risk Management Subcommittee.09/22/201510 Day Review09/22/2015 2
LCHLTDThese changes will allow SwapClear Clearing Members to provide LC H of notice to compress SwapClear Contracts via an Approved Trade Source System ("ATSS"). The changes will also all an ATSS to amend or assign trade identifies of FCM SwapClear Contracts.09/21/201510 Day Review09/21/2015 1
LCHLLCCircular to send to SwapClear Clearing Members = describes changes to Client Deposit Rate ("CDR").09/18/2015Certified10/02/2015 1
CMERevisions to CME/CBOT/NYMEX/COMEX Rule 973 - Customer Accounts with the Clearing House09/17/2015Certified10/01/2015 1
LCHLTDSelf-certification of the SwapClear service Client Deposit Rate (CDR) change.09/16/2015Certified09/29/2015 1
ICLREU2The purpose of the rule amendment is to modify the ICE Clear Europe ("ICEU") Delivery Procedures in connection with the launch by the ICE Endex market of the ICE Endex Italian PSV Natural Gas Futures Contract, which will be cleared by ICEU.09/16/2015Certified09/30/2015 2
LCHLTDChanages to the LCH.Clearnet Ltd Rulebook to clarify language in Procedures Section 6 (Business Continuity), and to remove the EnClear FCM model from the FCM Regulations and FCM Procedures, as this has been discontinued following futurisation of EnClear.09/15/2015Certified09/29/2015 1
LCHLTDRule changes in support of the LCH.Clearnet Limited, ForexClear service introduction of Package Trades clearing.09/09/2015Certified09/23/2015 1
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