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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
ICECCICC proposes implementing a single name backloading incentive program for client account clearing of single name CDS contracts.07/27/201510 Day Review07/27/2015 2
LCHLTDIn exceptional circumstances, LCH.Clearnet will manually accept a SwapClear Transaction on behalf of a Clearing Member that is unable to do so itself, rule changes are being implemented to describe the acceptance process.07/23/201510 Day Review07/23/2015 1
ICLREU2Certification in relation to fees for EMIR customer accounts07/23/201510 Day Review07/23/2015 1
LCHSACDSClear Risk refinements Phase 2 seeks to refine further CDSClear margins while ensuring that LCH.Clearnet risk standards continue to be met. This Submission relates to Lot 1 for which implementation date is expected early August 2015.07/21/201510 Day Review07/21/2015 2
LCHLTDChange to Section 1 Procedures to clarify Clearing Member obligations in relation to providing regulatory returns to the Clearing House.07/16/201510 Day Review07/16/2015 1
LCHLTDLCH.Clearnet Limited will commence clearing new PJM zonal contracts traded on the Nodal Exchange.07/13/2015Withdrawn07/15/2015 1
MGECHAmendments to Chapter 21 of the MGEX Rulebook.07/08/2015Certified07/22/2015 1
ICLR USAmendment to By-law 5.6 Supermargin and Position Risk07/08/2015Certified07/22/2015 3
ICECCICC proposes revising the ICC Rules to correct inconsistent provisions regarding the Risk Management Subcommittee.06/30/2015Withdrawn07/10/2015 2
ICLR USAmendment to Bylaw 5.5 re: Clearinghouse contribution to default resources06/29/2015Certified07/14/2015 1
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