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Clearing Organization Rules

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The results for the query dated : 3/26/2015 7:41:14 PM are:

OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
LCHLTDLCH.Clearnet has identified a number of minor rule changes which it intends to make to its Rulebook, the rule changes have been identified during reviews of the Rulebook and are corrections and clarifications.03/25/201510 Day Review03/25/2015 1
ICECCThe purpose of the proposed rule change is to amend ICC rules to modify the terms and conditions for physical settlement of cleared CDS contracts, and to adopt certain new delivery procedures relating to physical settlement.03/25/201510 Day Review03/25/2015 5
LCHLTDAmendments to the LCH.Clearnet Limited Rulebook Procedures Section 3 (Financial Transactions)03/20/201510 Day Review03/20/2015 1
ICLR USICE Clear US proposes to adopt a new Bylaw 5.10, which is intended to mitigate liquidity risks (and related liquidity management costs of the clearing house) in connection with foreign currency variation margin settlements.03/20/201510 Day Review03/20/2015 1
ICLREU2Amendments to Finance Procedures Relating to FATCA Reporting and Information Requirements03/16/201510 Day Review03/16/2015 1
ICLREU2ICE Clear Europe is adopting amendments to its Delivery Procedures in connection with certain ICE Endex natural gas futures contracts.03/16/201510 Day Review03/16/2015 1
LCHSALCH Clearnet SA is submitting for self-certification a change of Euro Default Fund remuneration rate as of 1st of April 2015.03/10/2015Certified03/24/2015 1
CMEMaintaining List on CME Group Website of Indices for Cleared CDX Index Untranched CDS Contracts03/10/2015Certified03/24/2015 1
LCHLTDLCH.Clearnet is submitting for self certification changes to its rules with respect to the introduction of Zero Coupon Inflation-Indexed Swaps clearing in the SwapClear service.03/09/2015Certified03/20/2015 1
CMEExpansion of Modified Split Methodology03/09/2015Certified03/23/2015 1
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