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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
LCHSALCH.Clearnet SA has modified its fee schedule for CDSClear in line with recent service developments (introduction of clearing fees for Client Clearing activities and introduction of clearing fees for self clearing activities on CDS single names).04/15/201410 Day Review04/15/2014 1
ICLR USAmendment to procedures regarding valuation of maturing US Treasury securities.04/15/201410 Day Review04/15/2014 1
CMEChange to log shocks of the Over-The-Counter ("OTC") Interest Rate Swaps ("IRS") margin model. #14-129 and #14-129SR04/14/201410 Day Review04/14/2014 2
NYPCIn connection with migration of NYPC-cleared interest rate futures contracts to ICE Clear Europe and wind-down of operations, the NYPC Board of Directors has determined that NYPC Clearing Members must post their required Guaranty Fund deposits in cash.04/11/201410 Day Review04/11/2014 1
NGXCorrections to Sections 4.7 and 8.4(g) of the Contracting Party Agreement. # 2014-02.04/10/201410 Day Review04/10/2014 1
ICLREU2ICE Clear Europe submits for self-certification modifications to its CDS margin methodology in connection with the acceptance for clearing of new Western European sovereign CDS contracts.04/09/201410 Day Review04/09/2014 1
LCHLTDLCH.Clearnet Limited and the SwapClear and ForexClear dealers have modified the SwapClear and ForexClear Agreements, respectively, in order to comply with EMIR.04/04/2014Certified04/19/2014 1
LCHLTDSelf-certification relating to implementation of a Liquidity and Concentration Risk Model for the EnClear Clearing Service.04/04/2014Certified04/19/2014 1
LCHLTDChanges to the ForexClear service Reference Data Sections of the Rulebook and Procedures.04/02/2014Certified04/17/2014 1
SGX-DCAmendments to align Directive No. 1 with a recent extension of no-action relief in respect of SGX-DC Clearing Members clearing swaps contracts for U.S. persons.04/01/2014Certified04/16/2014 1
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