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Clearing Organization Rules

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The results for the query dated : 5/29/2016 1:41:08 AM are:

OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
LCHLTDA submission for self certification changes to LCH rules which codify the process for SwapClear Clearing Members and Futures Commission Merchant Clearing Members to elect eligible SwapClear Contracts.05/24/201610 Day Review05/24/2016 1
SGX-DCIntroduction of Titan-OTC, a new trade registration system - Amendments to SGX-DC Clearing Rules . This is a modification of submission 1511-0220-3851-31.05/20/201610 Day Review05/20/2016 1
EUREXProposed rule changes in Eurex Clearing Circular 064-16 related to strengthening the default waterfall.05/20/201610 Day Review05/20/2016 2
LCHSASubmission for self-certification the addition of the new trade name "LCH SA"05/19/201610 Day Review05/19/2016 1
EUREXProposed rule changes in Eurex Clearing Circular 064-16 related to changes to EurexOTC Clear IRS Release 6.1 and Clearing Member request to split ICM collateral pools.05/19/201610 Day Review05/19/2016 2
ICECCICC proposes revising the ICC End-of-Day Price Discovery Policies and Procedures to change the calculation of single name Firm Trade notional limits to be at a Clearing Participant affiliate group level.05/17/201610 Day Review05/17/2016 2
ICECCICC proposes to formalize the ICC Governance Playbook.05/16/201610 Day Review05/16/2016 2
OCCProposed rule change related to The Options Clearing Corporation's clearing membership approval process.05/16/201610 Day Review05/16/2016 1
LCHSAThe clearing notice "Means of Access and Reporting mechanism" is being modified to remove the mention to LCAP technology as a mean of access to CDS Clearing System reports and files.05/09/2016Certified05/20/2016 1
CMEAmendments to CME Rule 204A04. ("Daily Settlement Price") and Expansion of Listing Schedule of the Malaysian Palm Oil Calendar Swap (Cleared Only) Contract05/03/2016Certified05/17/2016 2
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