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Clearing Organization Rules

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The results for the query dated : 2/13/2016 1:36:20 AM are:

OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
CMEAmendments to CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX Rule 980.F. ("Required Records and Reports")02/11/201610 Day Review02/11/2016 1
LCHLTDChanges to the LCH Rulebook in relation to the ForexClear service to remove EMTA Template table extracts from the Rulebook and replace with website links.02/11/201610 Day Review02/11/2016 1
LCHLTDLCH.Clearnet is submitting for self certification changes to its rules related to confidentiality during the default management of an FCM and to remove ambiguity around its rules related to the allocation of losses related to a Treasury Default.02/08/201610 Day Review02/08/2016 1
LCHLTDLCH.Clearnet Limited new Schedule of Securities Acceptable for Margin Cover Purposes.02/05/201610 Day Review02/05/2016 2
ICECCICC hereby submits notification of changes to risk parameters established by ICC in consultation with the ICC Risk Committee,Trading Advisory Committee and/or Risk Working Group.02/05/2016Notified02/05/2016 2
CMECME Clearing Advisory Notice for Performance Bond Collateral Categorization Changes02/05/201610 Day Review02/05/2016 1
CMEWeekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of January 25, 201602/04/2016Notified02/04/2016 1
ICECCICC proposes organizational and clarifying edits to the ICC Risk Management Framework and the ICC Treasury Operations Policies and Procedures, and proposes adopting a new ICC Risk Management Model Description document.02/03/201610 Day Review02/03/2016 2
OCCThis proposed rule change concerns pass-through letters of credit.02/02/201610 Day Review02/02/2016 1
SGX-DCWeekly notification of rule amendments for the week of 25 January 2016.02/01/2016Notified02/01/2016 2
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