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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
EUREXProposed rule changes in Eurex Clearing Circular 199-16 relating to a new collateralization type for Specific Lenders and clarification of the publication time period for Clearing Condition amendments09/23/201610 Day Review09/23/2016 2
LCHLTDSelf-certification to 1) amend ForexClear fees to provide for existing Clearing Members to move from the current variable tariff to the current fixed tariff, by giving notice to LCH, and 2) publication of the ForexClear fees for 2017.09/20/201610 Day Review09/20/2016 1
LCHLTDLCH.Ltd self certifies changes its rules to add MXN IRS and VNS in NOK, PLN and SEK to the list of SwapClear eligible products. Also, the self certification includes rule changes to reflect the new NOK benchmark index name of NOK-NIBOR-OIBOR.09/19/201610 Day Review09/19/2016 1
LCHLTDTenor extensions to Norwegian, Polish and Danish (NOK, PLN and DKK) currencies09/16/201610 Day Review09/16/2016 1
EUREXProposed rule changes in Eurex Clearing Circular 117-16 related to amendments to the Price List, a Form for using market-making accounts for proprietary trading activities, Clearing Agreements, and a Connection Agreement09/16/201610 Day Review09/16/2016 2
ICECCICC proposes changes to the ICC Rulebook to provide for the clearance of additional credit default swap contracts.09/14/201610 Day Review09/14/2016 2
EUREXProposed rule amendments in Eurex Clearing circular 113-16 relating to offer clearing services for equity index options with weekly expirations on the SMIr introduced at Eurex Exchange09/12/2016Certified09/26/2016 2
LCHLTDLCH self-certifies clarification changes to the rules applicable to its Listed Interest Rates clearing service and SwapClear BAU transfers.09/09/2016Certified09/23/2016 1
LCHLTDLCH is amending its Rulebook to implement its PPS Reform initiative which is - 1) make more currencies same-day value (1st changes are to CHF and NOK); and 2) PPS calls in an alternative same-day currency when another currency has a currency holiday.09/07/2016Certified09/20/2016 1
NGXNGX is making this submission to advise the Commission that it is establishing, on a temporary basis, discounted transaction fees for certain physically settled gas futures products.09/07/2016Certified09/21/2016 2
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