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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
ICECCICC hereby submits a self-certification of revisions to the ICC Risk Management Framework to incorporate certain risk model enhancements.10/30/201410 Day Review10/30/2014 2
CMEDeletion of NYMEX Rules 990 and 99210/30/201410 Day Review10/30/2014 1
ICECCICE Clear Credit LLC ("ICC") hereby submits a self-certification of revisions to the ICC End-of-Day Price Discovery Policies and Procedures to incorporate enhancements to ICC's price discovery process.10/30/201410 Day Review10/30/2014 2
ICLREU2Amendments to Delivery Procedures for ICE Endex Belgian Natural Gas Futures Contracts10/28/201410 Day Review10/28/2014 2
LCHLTDChange to the SwapClear service European Client Account Fees10/24/201410 Day Review10/24/2014 1
OCCThis proposed rule change would permit the Executive Chairman, the President or their delegate to approve requests by a Hedge Clearing Member to become a Market Loan Clearing Member.10/24/201410 Day Review10/24/2014 1
NGXNGX is amending its CPA to ensure that U.S. taxpayers carry out their obligations under the Internal Revenue Code.10/24/201410 Day Review10/24/2014 1
CMEEnhancements to CDS Risk Model10/23/201460 Day Review10/23/2014 2
OCCThis proposed rule change would provide that OCC's President will be its Chief Operating Officer, and that the President will not be a Management Director.10/21/201410 Day Review10/21/2014 1
CMEModifications to the Fee Schedule for Over-the-Counter ("OTC") Interest Rate Swaps ("IRS")10/17/201410 Day Review10/17/2014 1
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