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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
LCHSAAmendments to CDS Clearing Rules related to extension of the CDS clearing service to Markit iTraxx Europe Senior Financials Index (Implementation date 2 June 201 and the information provided to clearing members subject to a cross trade on a firm day.05/18/201510 Day Review05/18/2015 1
LCHSAAmendments of the Clearing Notice linked to the "Means of Access and Reporting mechanism" available for CDSClear clearing members.05/07/2015Certified05/21/2015 1
MGECHCertification of amendments made to clarify certain default procedures.05/06/2015Certified05/20/2015 1
OCCProposed rule change by OCC concerns the implementation of new risk models in order to support the clearance and settlement of Asian-style flexibily structured options and flexibly structured Cliquet options.05/01/2015Certified05/15/2015 1
OCCThis change revises OCC's By-Laws and Rules relating to deposits in lieu of margin.05/01/2015Certified05/15/2015 1
LCHLLCChange to Client Deposit and Default Fund Rates04/30/2015Certified05/14/2015 1
LCHLTDClient Clearing Fee waiver program for the ForexClear service is being extended and expanded.04/29/2015Certified05/13/2015 1
ICECCThe purpose of the proposed rule change is to amend ICC rules to modify the terms and conditions for physical settlement of cleared CDS contracts, and to adopt certain new delivery procedures relating to physical settlement.04/28/201560 Day Review04/28/2015 5
ICLREU2Proposed changes to adopt a new Collateral and Haircut Policy applicable to Permitted Cover posted by Clearing Members to meet the Clearing House's Margin and Guaranty Fund requirements.04/24/2015Certified05/08/2015 2
LCHLTDChanges in the start and end dates of accrual periods to calculate interest - default fund interest will align to this new calendar based accrual04/21/2015Certified05/05/2015 1
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