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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
LCHSACDSClear currently applies an identical rate to cash EUR deposited on both house and client accounts. As from January 2015, CDSClear will apply a different rate to the cash EUR collateral deposited on behalf of clients.12/19/201410 Day Review12/19/2014 1
LCHSAAs a result of an independent model review performed in 2014, LCH.Clearnet is proposing a number of refinements aimed at correcting certain features of its CDS Risk model.12/19/201410 Day Review12/19/2014 2
MGECHRule certification of amendments made to MGEX's Rulebook primarily in connection with default rules and procedures and recovery and wind-down plans required under CFTC Regulations 39.35 and 39.39.12/19/201410 Day Review12/19/2014 1
ICLR USICUS is changing the method by which Clearing Members are charged (or credited) with respect to the deposit of USD and non-USD cash collateral held by ICUS12/16/201410 Day Review12/16/2014 1
ICLR USICUS is amending its Rulebook to incorporate use of a direct banking model and to clarify governing law. ICUS is amending its Default Management Procedures to make certain clarifying changes.12/16/201410 Day Review12/16/2014 3
OCCThe proposed rule change concerns the clearance and settlement of confirmed trades executed in extended and overnight trading sessions offered by exchanges for which OCC provides clearance and settlement services.12/15/201410 Day Review12/15/2014 1
LCHLTDLCH.Ltd intends to change the Client Deposit Rate (CDR), the rate at which it pays interest on cash posted to cover Client initial margin requirements. LCH.Ltd will remove the floor in the rate, such that CDR may be negativeand change the spread on EUR.12/12/201410 Day Review12/12/2014 1
LCHLTDLCH.Ltd proposes to remove the booking fee for any trade booked by Clearing Members as a result of compression. This will harmonize the treatment of Clearing Members and Clients.12/11/201410 Day Review12/11/2014 1
LCHLTDLCH.Ltd proposes to make amendments to its General Regulations to correct cross referencing errors. The amendment will enable a SwapClear Clearing Member to transfer SwapClear contracts registered to its House account to another SwapClear Clearing Member12/10/201410 Day Review12/10/2014 1
OCCThis proposed rule change concerns the time at which OCC accepts certain futures transactions that are either an exchange-for-physical or block trade.12/08/201410 Day Review12/08/2014 1
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