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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
LCHSAPursuant to CFTC regulation 40.6(a), LCH SA is submitting for self-certification an update of CDSClear fees as a consequence of the launch of the Select Membership initiative to take effect no earlier than 7th September 2016.08/23/201610 Day Review08/23/2016 1
LCHLTDCorrection to SwapClear opening hours and support for additional financial centres08/19/201610 Day Review08/19/2016 1
LCHLTDChanges to client fee schedule to reflect fees for multilateral compression facility for clients08/19/201610 Day Review08/19/2016 1
EUREXProposed rule changes in Eurex Clearing Circular 106-16 related to the settlement cycle for Spanish equities, allowable currencies for multicurrency cash accounts, an additional collaterization type for specific lenders, and publication of rule changes08/19/201610 Day Review08/19/2016 2
EUREXProposed rule changes in Eurex Clearing Circular 104-06 relating to the introduction of new MSCI index futures and a designated market making agreement for these futures08/16/201610 Day Review08/16/2016 2
LCHLTDExtension of Variation Margin settlement to client contracts and allowing partial conversion of contracts from Collateralised-to-Market ("CTM") to Settled-to-Market ("STM")08/15/201610 Day Review08/15/2016 1
LCHLTDAllocation of SwapClear contracts: changes to rules to allow an unallocated Futures Commission Merchant ("FCM") SwapClear Contract to be allocated from a suspension sub-account of an FCM to the Client account of another Clearing Member which is not an FCM08/15/201610 Day Review08/15/2016 1
LCHLTDChanges to rules related to the treatment of trades to be registered for clearing depending upon the execution venue and availability of the required margin.08/15/201610 Day Review08/15/2016 1
LCHLTDBAU Portfolio Transfer processes in SwapClear08/15/201610 Day Review08/15/2016 1
SGX-DCSelf-Certification of Amendments to SGX-DC Clearing Rules in relation to the cessation of clearing of half day forward freight agreements08/12/201610 Day Review08/12/2016 1
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