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Clearing Organization Rules

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OrganizationFiling DescriptionOfficial Receipt DateStatusDateRemarksAssociated Documents
ICLREU2Proposed changes to adopt a new Collateral and Haircut Policy applicable to Permitted Cover posted by Clearing Members to meet the Clearing House's Margin and Guaranty Fund requirements.04/24/201510 Day Review04/24/2015 2
LCHLTDChanges in the start and end dates of accrual periods to calculate interest - default fund interest will align to this new calendar based accrual04/21/201510 Day Review04/21/2015 1
ICECCICC proposes amending Subchapter 26I of its Rules to provide for the clearance of additional Standard Western European Sovereign CDS contracts.04/20/201510 Day Review04/20/2015 3
ICECCICC proposes changes to ICC Clearing Rule 401 in order to provide additional clarity regarding settlement finality with respect to Mark-to-Market Margin.04/16/201510 Day Review04/16/2015 2
LCHLLCMinimum Non-Tolerance Contribution has been reduced from $15mm to $10mm, minimum threshold for the Tolerance Contribution Amount has been reduced from $10mm to $5mm.04/16/201510 Day Review04/16/2015 1
SGX-DCAmendments have been promulgated in order to align the SGX-DC Clearing Rules to the IAS 32 that prescribes rules for the offsetting of financial assets and financial liabilities.04/13/2015Certified04/24/2015 1
ICLR USICUS is amending its Risk Management Framework to modify certain aspects of its margin setting parameters04/08/2015Certified04/22/2015 2
LCHSAThe replacement of e-CCW technology thus enhancing security, capability and maintenance will be effective from 21 April 2015. Therefore the fees grid has to be updated.04/07/2015Certified04/20/2015 1
CMEDelisting of AUD Chicago Soft Red Winter Wheat Swap (Cleared Only) and AUD KC Hard Red Winter Wheat Swap (Cleared Only) Contracts on March 30, 201503/30/2015Certified03/30/2015 2
LCHLTDLCH.Clearnet has identified a number of minor rule changes which it intends to make to its Rulebook, the rule changes have been identified during reviews of the Rulebook and are corrections and clarifications.03/25/2015Certified04/08/2015 1
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